Fractional CMO for startups.

WE Help Challenger
Brands Win

Fractional CMO for Startups. From the marketing leadership that transformed ecobee into the #2 smart thermostat.


what is a challenger?

A Challenger Brand is defined not by its size, but by its aim to upend the status quo. We embrace Challengers that aim to deliver both profit and purpose, and recognize the role of business to act in the best interest of society.

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our vision

To take down Goliath, David used 5 stones from a river and a slingshot made of twine. We evaluate the strengths of our client and the vulnerabilities of their industry incumbent to build our client’s very own ‘5&Vine’.


Your fractional CMO

With our fractional CMO services, you can scale your company without wasting time and money. Our team brings clarity and focus to your brand strategy, consensus among stakeholders on KPIs and the experience to execute with excellence.

What Drives Us


Insatiable curiosity

We embrace a Challenger Brand mentality, constantly questioning assumptions and seeking new ways to innovate.

Respectfully challenging

We have the courage to ask the tough questions. Only then can we go beyond simply treating symptoms, to identify and solve core issues.


strategy simplified

We keep startups nimble by finding opportunities to simplify. We practice fast iteration, continuously applying key learnings to ensure that we're best serving the needs of our customers and communities.

impactful results

We bring a winning mindset to all that we do and thrive with teams that do the same. We take accountability for delivering results and utilize metrics to power our decisions. Never complacent, we dive into projects to deliver meaningful impact as efficiently as possible.



We aim to be the strategic marketing leadership consistently chosen to help challenger brands win.