We help challenger brands win.

We help challenger brands win 

From the marketing leadership that transformed ecobee into the #2 smart thermostat

What’s a challenger brand?

A challenger brand is defined not by its size, but by its aim to upend the status quo in its chosen industry. We embrace challengers that aim to deliver both profit and purpose, and recognize the role of business to act in the best interest of society. 

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How we help

Our name denotes the unconventional tools David used to fell Goliath - 5 stones from a river and a slingshot made of twine. This metaphor guides our approach: we evaluate the strengths of our client and the vulnerabilities of their industry incumbent to uncover our client’s ‘5&Vine'.

Fractional CMO 

To successfully take on the Goliath of your industry you need sharp marketing strategy, plans and execution. But hiring an entire marketing organization can be a daunting task. With our fractional CMO services, you can scale your company without wasting time and money.

Our expert team brings clarity and focus to your brand strategy, consensus among stakeholders on growth KPIs, compelling creative assets and launch plans that include digital advertising, PR and advocacy programs.

Are you an underdog looking to triumph? Engage us as your fractional CMO to achieve profitable growth.

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Rahul Raj, Founder & CMO

Rahul takes on the role of fractional CMO with 5&Vine clients: from articulating strategy to framing narratives and presenting data to investors and prospective partners, Rahul firmly embeds himself and manages client budgets and resources as if they were his own.

Prior to starting 5&Vine, Rahul helped transform ecobeefrom relative obscurity to the #2 thermostat brand in North America with a 30% market share and $100M in sales. Prior to that, he was an intrapreneur at Walmart.com where he conceived of, and developed, a refurbishing infrastructure for US Stores that helped turned costly customer returns into a lucrative revenue stream. For these efforts, he was honored with Walmart's Innovation Champion Award, a fellowship with the Aspen Institute and by GOOD magazine as 1 of 100 people pushing the world forward.

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