Crumps’ Naturals

Premium treats for pawrents to nurture relationships with their pets.


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Established in 2006 by a husband and wife team in their garage in Caledon, Ontario, Crumps’ Naturals has grown into a company that produces healthy dog and cat treats with over 150 employees. They also own sister brand Caledon Farms which is sold in mainstream grocery stores.

Crumps’ Naturals engaged 5&Vine to define a powerful new positioning, value prop, and Challenger strategy to set the brand up for transformational growth. 


To gain first-hand knowledge of why this brand is special, we prioritized speaking with pet parents that choose Crumps. This helped us keep what is working and build on it, so that the brand could continue to be trusted.

To effectively position Crumps’ Naturals and Caledon Farms, we then set out to gain international inspiration on the pet industry. We analyzed cultural and business trends to understand how pet companies around the world approach innovation, as well as connect to pet parents. 

We found that, outside of North America, there was a huge movement towards embracing pets as family, and creating space to share more moments in life together. There was significantly more attention on approaching dogs holistically, rather than the North American take of focusing on just physical health. 

With our international competitive insights in mind, we articulated a strong positioning statement for each that celebrates its unique advantage while also ensuring clarity of category and target customer, and positions it as a brand customers rally around and support. 

We authored a manifesto/credo that serves as a North Star for each brand and leans into the idea of strengthening the relationship between pets and their parents, rather than focusing on just the physical health of their dog



A new brand positioning, framework, and value proposition for Crumps’ Naturals and Caledon Farms, led by Challenger Brand strategy, complete with a brand personality and purpose that builds on the relationship between pets and pawrents. 

For Crumps: Premium treats that nourish the whole dog – physically, mentally, and emotionally. For Caledon Farms: Premium pet food and treats to nourish the life you share, naturally.