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5&Vine is your Toronto Web Design Agency.

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5&Vine creates strategically-driven websites optimized to win new customers and accelerate growth.

5&Vine helps brands punch above their weight class, and win – both online and offline. We bring a holistic approach to web development that has become a hallmark of 5&Vine solutions. Everything we do is led by a combined approach to strategy that factors in brand, target market and SEO. This strategy is then brought to life with world-class design and implemented through a seamless development process grounded in exceptional project management.

The result? Powerful, SEO-driven, conversion-focused websites, landing pages, and digital campaigns that attract traffic, deepen your connection to customers, convert and fundamentally impact the trajectory of your brand’s success.

“The team at 5&Vine are incredible partners. Their technical and design expertise, combined with their appetite for understanding the nuances of our business and industry, really set us up for success. We’re already seeing improved performance and our website better represents our brand. Big win, and a big thanks to 5&Vine.”

– Ryan Ashton, VP Marketing

5&Vine’s Website Design and Development Services

Fueled by experience, intuition, and backed by research, 5&Vine delivers conversion-optimized solutions that drive results.

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Real estate solutions at the intersection of healthy and sustainable built environments.

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Website Design / Challenger Brand Strategy

Find and book pros who have been referred by your neighbours.

Website Design / Growth Marketing / Brand positioning / Brand Identity Evolution

Giving employees fee-free access to their income the day they earn it.

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Branding FAQs with
the 5&Vine Team

At 5&Vine, we don’t believe in working in a silo. We take a holistic approach to building your brand’s digital foundation. Always driven by strategy and rooted in a deep understanding of your business, customer and market, we architect, write, design, develop, launch, and maintain a website that sets you up for long-term growth.

We consider a strong website to be the first layer for your brand in attracting, engaging and converting through an impactful customer experience. While we work diligently to create your new website, we’ll thoughtfully architect lead generation opportunities, as well as opportunities to create conversion-focused digital marketing and social media campaigns that drive more customers to experience your brand.

Our team has decades of experience in web strategy, design and development. We produce creatively engaging, easy-to-navigate responsive full stack websites that are accessible so that prospects and customers can use it with ease. We provide custom PHP development, ASP.Net web development, Java website development, Python web development, Ruby on Rails website development, NodeJS development, ReactJS development, and HTML5 development services. Web technology is moving at a rapid pace, and our team is committed to being at the forefront of change.

Discover more about the process behind creating our favorite websites in these case studies: Quartermaster, Stok, Stellar, Pura, and Instant Financial.

At 5&Vine, our website projects are always rooted in strategy. We start by aligning on what success looks like, and ensure clarity on your value proposition, Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs), personas, and competition. Further, we’ll align on overall website direction, SEO, technical requirements, architecture, and outline how we’ll collaborate.

We also begin with a pre-mortem because let’s be honest, shit happens. The pre-mortem is a candid conversation about what could go wrong with this engagement, bringing awareness to any issues you may have experienced in the past, or are concerned about now, so we can discuss and identify what we can do to mitigate these risks.

With roles and responsibilities outlined clearly between both teams, we will start with SEO research to inform the architecture, wireframes, internal linking, and content strategy of the site. When we’ve aligned on the site map wireframes and defined goals for each page, we’ll share clear milestones and check-in dates for your team to understand the review and approval process, along with the plan to launch.

Informed by wireframes, we will begin the design and copywriting process, resulting in a number of creative concepts to choose from alongside your initial copy draft. Once we have approved design direction and copy, we will enter development, source or create images, GIFs, and video content, and rigorously test at every stage of development. Mobile-responsive pages will be optimized through customizations to ensure that the content is perfectly aligned for both mobile and desktop.

Completed pages are then shared for review, feedback and approvals according to the milestone calendar. During these sprints, we will have real-time communication with you via Slack and/or Jira for ease of communication and project management.

As we approach our launch, we move into rigorous testing for bugs, load time, and page speed. With final approval, we’ll migrate from the staging server to live, with additional testing on the live site.

After launch, we offer hosting, monitoring, and maintenance packages. All necessary stakeholders will have access to the backend of the new site, with training on how to navigate and make updates to the site through the integrated CMS. As necessary, we can develop and share copy and visual guidelines to ensure any updates adhere to the brand standards.

A standard website will typically take between 3-4 months. More complex projects, including those requiring advanced customizations, database and ERP integrations, or complex functionality can extend to 5-7 months.

Website development is a term that encompasses all of the tasks necessary to create, code, and maintain websites and web applications that run online on an internet browser, like Chrome or Safari. Website development is focused on the backend technicalities of building a smooth website, while website design is focused on the frontend user experience.

A web design and development agency is a company that specialises in authoring, designing, and coding websites. Web design agencies typically have a team of SEO experts, copywriters, graphic designers, UI/UX designers, developers, and project managers who are responsible for creating and maintaining websites for clients.

Web designers are responsible for the look, feel, and experience of a website. They specifically leverage UI/UX skills to ensure that websites are easy to use, so that customers can take their desired actions, be that learning more or making a purchase.

Web development focuses on the necessary coding and back-end experience to make websites work.

At 5&Vine, we fuse the art and science of design with the technical specifications of development to deliver one-of-a-kind projects that help our Challenger Brand clients win.

We specialize in brand naming, logo development, and brand identity creation. We’re happy to start our projects here before moving to website planning.

Absolutely! We’ve worked with clients to research, qualify, and secure domain names that customers remember intuitively to help drive traffic to your new website. You will always retain full ownership over your domain.

We work with clients of various stages from startups to Fortune 500 in the following industries: Fashion, Fintech, Food & Beverage, Medtech, Proptech, Retail, SaaS, Smarthome, Subscription and Sustainability. Explore our work.

This is a complex question for a web design and development agency as every site is unique as it relates to the technical platform, UX/UI design requirements, content, functionality, strategy, and technical requirements.

We will work together with you to define budgets and goals and then craft a plan that aligns on all fronts. Connect with us today to speak with our CMO Rahul to share your goals.

Day to day, you will have one point of contact with your project manager who brings extensive experience working on digital marketing campaigns, logos, website design and other web development services for small and medium sized businesses, as well as leading brands and corporations. Occasionally, you may interact with one or more of our team in Toronto, Canada and the lead web designer or web developer assigned to your project through the web development process.

We’d love to talk about your website goals and share an estimate for our partnership. Please reach out via the Contact Us form and our CMO Rahul will be in touch within one business day.

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