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5&Vine is your Toronto Digital Marketing Agency.

Fresh N' Lean 562% growth and $100M+ sales
Pura 3% average CTR and 165K customers to walmart.com
Mama Earth 1,000+ customer waitlist and acquisition by Fresh City Farms
Dialogue +300% outperformance on LinkedIn conversion benchmarks and $43M series B+ financing

Transform your brand with a combination of powerful storytelling and strategic digital marketing.

At 5&Vine, we fuse creativity with strategy to build brand awareness, acquire and retain customers, and ultimately grow your business. Work with us to develop a digital strategy that

leverages a strong website presence, organic social media marketing, paid search, paid social, search engine optimization (SEO) and other digital tactics.

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“5&Vine was my first hire when I took the helm of Mama Earth Organics, knowing they could help transform the business. They quickly began driving the performance we needed and developed a framework to build an enduring brand. 5&Vine are amazing business thought-partners, with a Swiss Army knife skill set that any-sized business will benefit from.”

– Mary Graham, CEO

5&Vine’s Digital Marketing Services

5&Vine is your high-performance team to deliver results today & achieve long-term growth.

Explore leading brands we’ve worked with to unlock strategic growth.

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Challenger Brand Strategy / Performance Marketing /
Social Media,Influencers & Partnerships Strategy

Baby Care that puts your baby’s skin and the planet first!

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Growth Marketing / Social & Community Engagement

Chef-cooked, organic meals – delivered right to your door.

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Growth Marketing / Challenger Brand Strategy

The ultimate lifestyle brand for sustainable, performance-driven fashion.

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Performance Marketing / Lead Generation

An integrated health platform that helps employees from prevention to recovery.

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Digital Marketing
Agency FAQs with
the 5&Vine Team

A digital marketing agency is your partner in navigating the digital landscape to help your brand succeed.

5&Vine’s Challenger Brand Framework helps brands challenge category norms and win. Developed with first hand insight into the playbooks and blindspots leveraged by industry incumbents, alongside the successful (and often counter intuitive) strategies leveraged by challengers, we help you identify your unfair advantage, and win.

While our marketing strategies are customized to your specific needs, we assist clients in defining or refining their brand profile, voice, positioning, value proposition, Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) and target audience personas, brand pillars, manifesto, tagline, key marketing channels, strategic communications strategy, customer loyalty and partner experience, pricing, customer journey, and marketing funnel. These foundational efforts serve as a roadmap for the development of a digital marketing plan and guide all future strategic and marketing initiatives.

Once the digital marketing plan is in place, 5&Vine is well-equipped to support execution, including services like paid search, paid social, lead generation, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and creative development.

We believe in the intersection between storytelling and data-driven marketing. Our approach to crafting paid ads is systematic yet designed to breed innovation.

A typical growth sprint involves creating and testing ad creatives, optimizing campaigns based on test results, and proposing new sprints based on analytics, curiosities, and inspiration. We document every step for future reference in the process of continuous improvement.

1) Impactful Brand First: We believe that holistic strategy is critical before delving into tactical execution. We always start by understanding your brand holistically and refining if needed before developing a paid advertising strategy.

2) Scientific Process to Iterative Testing: We embrace a scientific approach to testing and refining strategies, allowing us to uncover what truly works for your brand.

3) Sprint Process: We organize our efforts into growth sprints, each ranging from 2 weeks to 2 months. Before each sprint, we define what we’re testing (e.g., creative, audience, goals, channels) and what we aim to learn from each test.

4) Active Daily Account Management: We actively account every business day for most of our clients, ensuring campaigns stay on track.

5) Reporting Insights, Not Just Data: Our reporting goes beyond raw data. We provide valuable insights that help you understand the performance of your campaigns.

Our growth sprints are tailored to our client’s needs, however they do follow a general structure:

  • Duration: Sprints can range from 2 weeks to 2 months, depending on your scope.
  • Planning: Before each sprint, we determine what aspects we’re testing (e.g., creative, audience, goals, channels) and what insights we hope to gain.
  • Creative Development: We create any necessary ad creatives for the sprint, either at 5&Vine, leveraging internal client resources or partnering with influencers/UGC creators.
  • Testing: We test creatives in a specific test campaign with no crossover to the performance campaign.
  • Optimization: Creatives that significantly outperform the performance campaign are graduated into the performance campaign where they replace underperforming ads, while others are kept in the hopper for future use when needed.
  • Analytics Review: We analyze test results and other noteworthy data to inform future strategies in an insight-driven dashboard tailored to each sprint.
  • New Sprint Brief: Based on past sprint results, curiosity, inspiration, and analytics, we propose new sprints to drive ongoing growth.

Optimization frequency depends on the scope of work. For most clients, we verify accounts once every business day, with more substantial optimizations aligned with the sprint schedule. This proactive approach ensures your campaigns remain finely tuned for maximum effectiveness.

We have collaborated with many impactful brands to create digital marketing strategies and run paid advertising campaigns including Pura, Fresh N’ Lean, Dialogue, Instant Financial, Honed and The Logic.

Explore our portfolio or reach out if you’re curious about our experience in a particular sector or service.

We work with clients of various stages from startups to Fortune 500 in the following industries: Fashion, Fintech, Food & Beverage, Medtech, Proptech, Retail, SaaS, Smarthome, Subscription and Sustainability. Explore our work.

Complete the Contact form and we’ll be in touch within 3-5 business days for complimentary 30-minute consultation on your brand’s next chapter.

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