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Honed is a personalized subscription-based vitamin company that delivers wellbeing right to your door.


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5&Vine helped launch Honed (formerly Paragon), the personalized subscription-based vitamin company designed to balance your unique biochemistry, enhance wellness and enable you to perform at your best.


The vitamin category is heavily focused on lifestyle imagery that can feel inauthentic while inspiring only short-term adoption. Our challenge was to launch the company in a way that differentiated their message from the noise, to create a brand steeped in trust and credibility. 


We injected some Vitamin Change into the industry, leveraging the scientific credentials of the team and their formulations to launch the brand for long-term success. Through competitive analysis and internal assessments, we exposed a key gap in the market: consumers were drifting through the world of ineffective vitamins with ineffective results, and needed something more. We positioned Honed to strip away the guesswork and provide a personalized vitamin solution unique to their individual biochemistry. We then baked simplicity and credibility into the purchase funnel (with a revamped price point), while launching pointed performance marketing campaigns that drove to carefully curated landing pages.


Paid campaigns drove 78x new users to the website, with +30% improved bounce rate and pages per session. As a result, transactions increased over 7000%, allowing the business to generate incremental revenue. Organic campaigns drove a significant increase in revenue from Facebook (+47%) and drove Instagram conversions for the first time.

“5&Vine scaled our high-growth startup. They helped drive alternative pricing models, improved user engagement, evolved our creative, and drove revenue. They are great partners that adapted and grew alongside our business.”

– Jeff Smith, CEO


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