Compliance Works

Making HR compliance fast, easy, and accessible, no matter the size or complexity of your business.


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Optimize Compliance was founded by lawyers on a mission to make HR compliance fast, easy, and accessible, no matter the size or complexity of a business. It helps take the burden off of legal teams so that HR leaders and founders can reference the most up-to-date laws that are relevant to them and keep their business running smoothly.

The company engaged 5&Vine to help with a rebrand. This included developing a new name and logo that fully encapsulates its offering, designing, copywriting, and developing a new website that articulates the value proposition and encourages conversions, and develop a marketing strategy that leverages partnerships and drives awareness. 


We started with a deep dive into the world of HR to determine what makes for a trustworthy brand, what’s archaic, and what can be disrupted to stand out. We worked through a series of naming workshops, aiming to keep “Compliance” but make it less pedantic. After falling in love with the optimistic, relevant, and confident nature of the name, the founders approved Compliance Works. 

We then set out to create a new identity that would live up to the new name. Emphasis was put on creating something clean, credible, that stood out from the competition. We found that the yellow was especially refreshing in the serious category.

We designed and developed an intuitive site that builds trust, communicates value, and encourages prospective clients to request a demo. We opened the site with a strong hero image, icons, and notifications that immediately demonstrate value so that visitors understand the importance right away.

Lastly, we helped devise a six month marketing plan that leveraged their partnerships across Canada to build awareness for this revolutionary legal tool. It was scaled appropriately for their team size so that the founders could be empowered to carry on building their brand.



With 5&Vine on board, Optimize Compliance underwent a complete transformation and was renamed Compliance Works.

The founders are committed to providing businesses with a one-stop solution to understand and implement HR best practices and make policy updates and legal requirements easy to follow.  

With a new name, brand identity, website, and marketing strategy to guide the founders, that vision is already being well-received.