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5&Vine champions an evolved form of capitalism — one that benefits shareholders, communities and the planet. We help brave, socially-minded Challengers defy the odds and come out on top.

5&Vine creates and markets Challenger Brands that are looking to redefine the status quo and win. Brands that exemplify how purpose and profitability can coexist. And as a B Corp, we have the credentials to back it up.

We exist to realize positive change as we help socially conscious brands win. And on this journey, we know that every decision matters.

We believe in Stakeholder Capitalism: optimizing long-term value creation for businesses, people, and the planet.

Before taking action, we think deeply and consider all stakeholders: employees, customers, investors and the communities in which you operate. Because we know that the sum of our decisions will dictate the impact of our work.

5&Vine Manifesto: Our Guide To Decision-Making

Our Manifesto is more than just words, it’s our moral compass that guides us to think, live, and work ethically.




Our Team

5&Vine is a multidisciplinary team of thinkers, creatives and tinkerers who are challenging the the way the world thinks, creates and acts. Only experienced professionals at the top of their game.

Rahul (He/him)Founder & CMO

Rahul is a catalyst for change, recognized as an esteemed Aspen Institute fellow, Walmart Innovation Champion, and one of GOOD Magazine’s 100 leaders pushing the world forward. His leadership sparks game-changing ideas, challenging capitalism for an evolved form — one that benefits shareholders, communities and the planet. He finds inspiration in hip hop, street wear, comedy, travel, philosophy, vibrant colors, and spicy food. Committed to community, he gives back through mentorship to help others amplify their impact.
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Brad (He/him)EVP Client Services

Brad brings 20 year’s experience leading innovation, branding and marketing programs for iconic leaders. He aligns 5&Vine resources with client objectives to deliver a seamless experience, finely tuned to fuel market engagement and sustainable growth. Brad challenges mediocrity with the belief that we all have the opportunity to shape our future. As a Wellbeing Coach specializing in Meditation and Ayurveda, he believes in the transformative power of meditation, energy and balance to create a better world.

Addison (She/her)Marketing Director

Addison helps brands build meaningful connections across the entire customer lifecycle, ensuring that every interaction is consistent and impactful. As the first hire at 5&Vine she has collaborated with nearly 100 Challenger Brands, driving progress in sustainable fashion, fintech, and e-commerce. She is an advocate for both slow and second hand fashion. Beyond work, you’ll find her walking the seawall with her pup, Ahsoka, the unofficial 5&Vine office mascot.

David (He/him)Head of Growth

David has led growth at some of the fastest growing technology startups in the world over the last 10 years. Whether it’s helping kids develop financial skills, or giving professionals the tools to live better lives, he is passionate about working with good humans to make a meaningful difference. David is fanatical about customers and uses a unique blend of psychology and data analysis to unlock growth. David has what many may call an unhealthy obsession with dogs (we disagree), and is an amateur astrophotographer.

Steven (He/him)Growth Advisor

Steven, a growth expert who enjoys helping others, works across verticals to 100x customer bases and scale impact. Whether he’s mainstreaming student loan refinancing to alleviate student debt or building a platform for older adults to keep active, Steven attempts to make the world a better place. At 5&Vine, he’s helping mission-driven clients build performance marketing strategies and implement growth and GTM plans. When he’s not hustling his friends in a card game, Steven is hiking a mountain or looking up at the stars.

Tania(She/her)Sr. Marketing Manager

Tania is a social-first marketing strategist with a talent for transforming brands into cult favorites. Her experience spans diverse markets and categories. Her proudest achievement is re-positioning a food business into a premium wellness brand in the crowded US market. She challenges the idea that marketing shouldn’t have a say in product. “Loop us in, we know what the people want!” With an unwavering commitment to authenticity, she approaches her work and personal life with compassion. #socialfirst

Indigo(She/her)Sr. Marketing Manager

Indigo, not to be confused by blue or violet, is an accomplished strategist. She challenges the tired model of profit without purpose and has delivered record-breaking results for a local credit union. She is enamoured with strategy board games (including her partner’s) and takes pride in her hometown of Winnipeg. She strives to better the world by supporting local, eating vegetarian and engaging in acts of kindness.

Sara(She/her)Sr. Graphic Designer

Sara, a purpose-driven brand designer, challenges the idea that design is just a matter of beauty. She firmly believes in the transformative power of design to uplift and heal, inspiring people through a more aesthetic, functional & encouraging visual world. She takes pride in crafting impactful brand identities that transform businesses. Sara believes that big changes start from little acts of love and is passionate about helping children in need. Outside of work she enjoys ballet dancing and exploring her beautiful home country of Colombia.

Satish(He/him)Sr. Technical Architect

Satish is the driving force behind complex technical projects at 5&Vine. He leads with precision, delivering exceptional results on time and within budget. A visionary problem-solver, he embraces challenges head-on, offering novel insights and constructive solutions. Beyond work, he indulges in new movies and high tech “experiments”. Committed to making a positive impact, he advocates for education, equal opportunities, responsible business practices, and community-driven initiatives.

Kritika (She/her)Digital Project Manager

With a calm and composed demeanor, Kritika manages complex website projects, embraces evolving requirements, and pursues continuous learning to deliver proficient business solutions. Beyond work, she finds fulfillment exploring her passions for travel, sports, and outdoor games. Her deep love for animals, especially dogs, fuels her commitment to supporting animal rescue organizations and advocating for responsible pet ownership.

Naveen(He/him)Sr. Web Developer

Naveen creates exceptional digital solutions with his unique combination of strategic and technical skills. He embraces the challenge of planning and executing software projects, eagerly immersing himself in complex software intricacies. Outside work you can find him nose deep in a good book or unleashing his batting prowess on the cricket field. Committed to environmental sustainability, he actively advocates for waste reduction, striving to create a greener and more sustainable future for all.

Harshil (He/him)Sr. Digital Architect

Harshil, meaning “mountain of happiness”, is a problem solver with a remarkable ability to transform ideas into tangible realities. He tackles projects head-on, ensuring first that the idea is both effective and makes sense from a business perspective. He enjoys playing mobile games and taking on daring challenges. Keen to reduce his environmental footprint, he creates and leverages innovative IT strategies.