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Trove powers trade-in and resale for brands and retailers, delivering profitable and sustainable growth at scale.




Trove Recommerce, formerly Yerdle, powers trade-in and resale for beloved brands, delivering sustainable and profitable growth at scale. Yerdle’s name was obscuring and underselling its impact in the fashion industry. It needed a new name connected to its fashion roots that brands would take seriously.


After exploring a variety of names connected to change, luxury, culture, and clothing, we landed on Trove as a nod to the treasure trove of repurposing something loved rather than buying something new. It’s a sentimentally driven name connected to the idea of making more intentional, slower fashion choices to counter the norm of fast fashion.


Yerdle rebranded to Trove and has since powered the resale programs for notable brands including Patagonia, lululemon, Levis, Nike, and more. Trove is a Challenger Brand leading the way for a new future of circular fashion that allows brands to effectively maintain their product integrity through the resale process, while creating valuable opportunities for new revenue streams.

Trove was number 1944 on Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Startups of 2022 list, with 310% 3-Year Growth.


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