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5&Vine is your Toronto Social Media Marketing Agency.

Create brand relevance through a potent mix of social media content, influencer marketing, and brand partnerships.

5&Vine helps brands punch above their weight class, and win – both online and offline. We create social media, influencer, and brand partnership strategies that are in-tune with the cultural moment and are powered by seamless execution.

We believe in taking a unified approach to social media, influencers, and brand partnerships, as they work hand-in-hand

to build a powerful brand, repeat customer exposures and position your brand as a digital-first leader. Social allows us to connect with our audience and build a community. Influencers enable us to leverage the reach of trusted industry voices, and partnerships give us the opportunity to align with like-minded brands, and tap into high-value audiences.

“Rahul and the 5&Vine team have been an incredible resource for our brand. Love the quality of their ideas and our shared passion for creating a more just and sustainable world.”

– Ahmed Zedan, Co-Founder & COO

5&Vine’s Social Media Marketing Services

Fueled by experience, intuition, and social listening, 5&Vine is your team of social media strategists you wish you had in-house – but don’t.

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Challenger Brand Strategy / Influencers &
Partnerships Strategy

Baby care that puts your baby’s skin and the planet first!

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Challenger Brand Strategy / Social Media Strategy

Local, organic produce and grocery delivery.

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Growth Marketing / Social & Community Engagement

Chef-cooked, organic meals – delivered right to your door.

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Social Media FAQs
with Rahul Raj and
the 5&Vine Team

As a social media marketing agency, we specialize in crafting tailored strategies, creating engaging content, and managing brand social media platforms. We drive audience growth through organic and paid efforts, while analyzing data to make informed improvements. Our comprehensive services ensure a strong online presence, increased brand engagement, and measurable results.

A social media marketing agency provides brands with expert strategies and industry-specific insights, enabling them to craft and implement highly optimized social media campaigns. This results in enhanced brand visibility, engagement, and revenue growth, which can be challenging to achieve through independent efforts.

When crafting a social media strategy, we take a highly integrated approach, meaning that we believe that social is at the core of your business and never an afterthought. We ensure social is embedded into other key departments such as product, brand marketing, influencers, partnerships, and e-commerce. For example, we produce social-first content that can be repurposed across channels such as email, paid social, or e-commerce, to boost brand interest and customer engagement.

We are a pop-culture obsessed team that has extensive experience creating platform-native, engagement-centric content. We’ve designed social media strategies for Pura, Pixie Mood, Fresh’N’Lean. Our team has also previously worked in the luxury fashion space, the wellness industry, and with A-list talent.

We start by auditing your internal team structure to determine how to optimize our recommendations to be the most practical and feasible for your team. We then audit your channels and determine the main areas of opportunity. Finally, we go to the drawing board and craft a content strategy, hero channels, content pillars, and a community management approach. Projects vary depending on scope of work.

An influencer is any personality, public figure, or content creator with an authentically engaged audience on social media. Influencer marketing leverages the credibility and community of well-known content creators to promote your brand through sponsored videos and paid reviews. They can be micro, with >5,000 followers, up to mega influencers, with millions of followers.

Partnering with influencers that are niche to your industry can be a powerful way to associate your brand with the communities of real, engaged customers that you want to win the attention of. A successful influencer marketing strategy isn’t limited to traditional “influencers” that are people only, rather consider brands, organizations, and content partners to all be influential purchase drivers.

We work with clients of various stages from startups to Fortune 500 in the following industries: Fashion, Fintech, Food & Beverage, Medtech, Proptech, Retail, SaaS, Smarthome, Subscription and Sustainability. Explore our work.

We’d love to talk about your social media goals and share an estimate for our partnership. Please reach out via the Contact form form and our CMO Rahul will be in touch within one business day.

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