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MPG Sport (aka Mondetta Performance Gear) and Modern Ambition are the newest direct-to-consumer brands from Mondetta in the activewear and workwear categories respectively. 

After being challenged with low brand awareness and a highly competitive category filled with brands overstating their sustainability credentials, the Mondetta team engaged 5&Vine to bring meaning beyond the material, to strengthen the brand story with authentic sustainability credentials, and position it as an industry leader that balances quality design with social and environmental responsibility.


We began our engagement by analyzing cultural shifts and the implications of two years in lockdown on shopper preferences for the activewear category.

By paying close attention to the move away from intense, prescriptive fitness to a more mindful, fluid approach that prioritizes tuning into your own body’s needs, we set out to understand what sustainability means to our customer, and the ways in which it comes to life beyond just recycled materials eg. creating versatile, mix & match products that can be worn for multiple events through the day, and last longer between washes to save water.

With the blending of work and home life, we established 4 pillars to guide the brand, product offering and pricing strategy:

Versatile design. Integrating work-life movement seamlessly with performance pieces that can do it all. With a streamlined wardrobe, you can spend more time focusing on the things that matter most to you.

Responsibly manufactured. From work to workout to weekend, live your Life In Motion™ to the fullest. Discover what moves you in thoughtfully designed activewear that empowers your every day.

Progress over perfection. Empowering you to set your own pace and embrace the journey, not the destination. We’re building a community dedicated to challenging the status quo and moving mindfully.

Sustainable Fabrics + Technology. Our ethically sourced, high-quality fabrics use the latest advancements in textile technology. MPG products reduce environmental impact by increasing the shelf-life of each item and minimizing the need for frequent washing.

      Armed with a powerful brand story that MPG Sport was missing, we guided the team through priority tasks to bring the evolved brand to life. We shared actionable recommendations for launching new campaigns, evolving the website home and product pages, collaborating with influencers, and sharing organic content and social media.

      We took on performance marketing for MPG across Instagram, Facebook, Google Ads, and TikTok. One of the biggest challenges we had to overcome was moving MPG away from being perceived as a discount brand. To do so, we strategized the development of The Warehouse, a separate site experience and Ad account exclusively for deeply discounted items. With this approach, we were able to both build the brand and move sale product effectively.



      5&Vine’s engagement with MPG resulted in revised ideal customer profiles and a new value proposition and brand position, informed by post-pandemic mindsets and cultural trends. 

      A new brand manifesto and North Star also resulted, as well as a lasting creative strategy to inform lifestyle and product photography, creative, and copy that stands apart from the competition. 

      We delivered website recommendations that elevated campaign and social media visuals to their full potential and an evolved articulation of their brand narrative, sales messages, and copywriting. 

      We also grew sales with performance marketing that strikes the balance between encouraging sales and building the brand, and expanded from an Instagram-only focus for ads to new channels, to TikTok in partnership with influencers, and Performance Max campaigns.


      As a fellow certified B Corp, we were thrilled to work with the 5&Vine team that believes, as we do, a business can be a force for good. 5&Vine helped us realign critical marketing efforts to reach new consumers seeking out sustainable, value-driven, and fashion-forward activewear.

      – Ash Modha, Chairman and CEO


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