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Hassle-free home maintenance done right.

Our Impact

  • New Name & Brand
  • Website Development
  • $20M Series B


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Integrity First Maintenance (IFM) partners with property managers and contractors to resolve home maintenance issues without hassle. It gets the best tradespeople on the job to deliver an elevated resident experience for rental properties. 

The team engaged 5&Vine to craft an authentic message that resonates with both stakeholders and clients in a way that’s clear, inspiring, and compelling. 

The brand also wanted to develop a new name, logo, and brand identity that aligns with the company’s vision, and create tone and branding guidelines to drive the rest of the team to success. 

Finally, they engaged 5&Vine to design and launch a new WordPress website and marketing materials, complete with copy and visuals, that articulates their value proposition for residents, property owners and managers, and contractors, as well as prospective employees and investors. 



Before anything, we embarked on a process of discovery. We set out to understand the business, its financial model, service offering, customers, and competitors in the market. We also reviewed materials and research shared by the team to guide our process.

At the core of our competitive research we found that other home maintenance companies were focused on efficiency and cutting costs rather than introducing a human component. Stellar cares about shaping communities. It invests in the heart of home maintenance: people. This insight informed our messaging.

That messaging took into account the white space and competitive threats we discovered, as well as what customers are looking for in today’s market.

A strong positioning statement was crafted to celebrate the brand’s unique advantage while also ensuring clarity of category and target customer. A manifesto/credo was authored to serve as a North Star to the brand about who it is, what it’s doing, and its commitment to doing right.

When it came to developing a new name that fits and inspires, we presented numerous alternatives that worked in both English and Spanish, as it operates in states with many Spanish speakers.

We aligned on the name Stellar because the brand’s experience is exactly that. It’s a business that goes out of its way to make services uplifting and positive for everyone involved.

We explored logo and wordmark possibilities, concepts, and use cases for those designs.

The website was designed to fit into all of this with a clear visual and written tone, and seamless user experience.



At the end of its engagement with 5&Vine, Stellar had accomplished a successful rebrand from Integrity First Maintenance to Stellar.

As part of that, the strategic positioning we develop shaped how the company talks and acts, internally and externally.

We also launched a new, mobile-responsive, SEO-optimized, and privacy compliant website that can easily be updated by the team long into the future.

Within months of our rebrand, Stellar closed a $20M Series B to fuel its growth.

“As our -outside, but felt like inside- rebrand team, 5&Vine’s results can be expressed by a single word: stellar. Within weeks of launching our new brand, we have already started to see tangible business benefits. Thank you 5&Vine for the awesome work!”

– Dustin Marx, CEO, Stellar


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