Answerable delivers a real-time AI driven Q&A platform that helps brands crowdsource answers to drive sales & lower costs.


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Ask a Pro engaged 5&Vine to rebrand their company and develop a new name, brand identity and value proposition to help brands answer customer questions in real time by mobilizing their advocate community.


Thousands of customer questions go unanswered every day. Ask a Pro developed a solution that enabled retail and brand staff, customers, and brand advocates to provide answers in real-time to grow sales. Unfortunately, the name Ask a Pro was too heavily associated with home improvement. The team engaged 5&Vine to lead on their rebrand with a new name and design identity that would propel their next phase of growth.


We chose the name Answerable to communicate helpfulness and positivity that impacts both businesses and their customers. Every question a customer has is truly “answerable” – meaning they can get timely help to make a purchase decision. We designed a logo that communicated the question and answer paradigm through symbols and words, while wrapping the whole thing in a speech bubble that highlighted the chat functionality of the platform. In addition to Answerable, we created the design identity for the secondary platform, My Trust Score, where people’s identities are validated and their trustworthiness is scored based on the helpfulness of their answers.


Questions? Meet Answerable.

It was a delight to help transform Ask a Pro to Answerable and be part of their growth. They’ve landed the company behind Lysol, Enfamil, Clearasil and Airborne to use their platform internationally. The startup continues to grow, as brands mobilize their customers to authentically respond to questions at scale, to boost sales and lower costs.

“5&Vine understands Challenger Brands and helped us with a super meaningful rebrand that embodies our reason for being.“

– Alex de Bold, Founder