5&Vine is the Challenger Brand agency of choice. Simply put, we’re the marketing resources you wish that you had in-house, but don’t. We work with ambitious founders to build, launch and grow meaningful businesses that disrupt categories. We unlock growth by identifying and addressing the marketing and strategy problems that matter most.

Rahul Raj takes on the role of Fractional CMO with 5&Vine clients: from articulating strategy to framing narratives, he firmly embeds himself and manages your budgets and resources as if they were his own. Rahul’s own expert team fills in any resource gaps on your team, or becomes the team, to effectively deliver results without wasting time or money.

Relay Venture Capital’s Greenlight engaged 5&Vine as their fintech startup agency to drive growth and successfully position them for a Series B. Our team developed a Challenger Brand strategy that is inspirational to kids while also being credible with parents, alongside the development of a scalable growth model and in-house marketing team.

We positioned Greenlight as the modern tool needed to raise financially smart kids. To help drive adoption, we focused on: Establishing their credibility via press and influencers.

Targeting use cases where kids are independent → after school, camp, away games for sports, summer travel, theme park trips, and co-parenting where kids move between homes. Awareness and acquisition efforts in key cities to build community virality. Nurturing advocacy among existing customers and enabled referral incentives.

As a result, Greenlight’s customer base increased 3x, they raised a $20M Series A led by Amazon, earned an exceptional roster of Tier 1 press, created an affiliate program and hired an in-house marketing team.

Relay Venture Capital’s Kira Talent engaged 5&Vine as their Fractional CMO and Toronto startup agency. Our founder engaged as a key member of their leadership team, enabling us to develop a Challenger Brand strategy that helped strengthen their position in EdTech.

As a result of strategic workshops we led, alongside ongoing collaboration with their leadership team, we helped architect a brand position and product evolution from ‘assessing applicants smarter’ to ’holistic admissions’.

To ensure that the work was able to carry on and be strengthened, we also led the hiring process for a fantastic full-time VP of Marketing.

Our founder, Rahul Raj, engaged as ecobee’s CMO and developed a challenger brand strategy that helped transform the company from a small B2B player to the #2 B2C smart thermostat brand, with +30% market share in less than 3 years.

He positioned ecobee as the smart thermostat for “Homes with More Than One Room,” helping consumers understand that the single point of temperature measurement from traditional thermostats translated into hot and cold spots throughout their home, in contrast to ecobee’s room sensors that helped deliver comfort in the rooms that you are in.

Rahul and his team launched an e-commerce store to deliver price transparency and led the push into retail securing listings with Apple, Best Buy, Home Depot and Amazon. They invested in customer advocacy securing a robust base of 5-star reviews, alongside Tier 1 press reviews, that propelled ecobee to the top of the consideration set.

As a result of Rahul’s Challenger Brand strategy and Go To Market plan, ecobee’s sales grew 15x, market share jumped from 0 to +30%, and they displaced Honeywell as the #2 smart thermostat brand in North America.