Why We Invest in People Over Products

Why We Invest In People Over Products

Everything we do at 5&Vine is driven by people. Take a look at our Mission page and you’ll see that we believe we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. We choose our company wisely in a bid to curate intelligent, driven, passionate individuals that, as a group, is defined by its humanity.

The way we choose to work with clients is no different. Rather than seeing tension in ideas that are beneficial to both people and planet, we’re on a mission to realize those ideas and support the great entrepreneurs committed to their success.

Ideas matter, but the Challengers behind them matters more

Ideas matter. More often than not they are the heartbeat of a good business, and the thing that propels that business forward. But, if the idea is being spearheaded by someone who isn’t on par with its greatness, it’s on course for failure.

So while we’re constantly on the lookout for innovations that are daring, tenacious and disrupt the status quo, our first question will always be about the people behind it. What kind of person are you, and what do you stand for?

People invest in people

In our experience working with businesses of all sizes and venture capital firms across a number of sectors, this focus on people follows through to market. The result of a project might exist as a campaign for a fashion brand that takes a stand against prejudice, or an app creating community by connecting people with neighbour-approved, local pros.

Whatever it is, we know consumers are far more interested in the people and the humanity behind the business than the business itself. We always ask how a brand is enriching and improving the lives of others, and what mark it’s leaving on the place we call home.

Startups think long-term

We believe in the power of successful Challenger Brands to create meaningful and enduring change when their practices support the long-term health of society. So, no matter how long we engage with a client, we’re focused on short-term wins that have lasting impact.

We have the courage to ask you tough questions that bring out the best of what you’re offering, and help you effectively identify and solve core issues that can benefit our future.

Your brand reputation is important

No matter if you’re a small business or established brand, it’s likely someone has something to say about you. In the same way you would have undertaken a process of research to find us, we’ll embark on that same process to find out what we can about you.

Whether it’s testimonials or social proof, no matter the impact your business is making, always take the time to look back at the mark you’ve left in its wake.

What you can expect from working with 5&Vine

At 5&Vine, we help build businesses we believe in, and encourage them to carry the notion of investing in people with them into the future. It’s been proven that investing in your employees, fostering positivity, and inspiring teams to be better will impact the future of your business and, particularly now, employees will be looking for a better work-life balance, workplace diversity and inclusivity, and a culture that promotes positivity.

Engaging with 5&Vine means you’ll also get high-agency, high trust, and performance. We care about every business as if it’s our own, and aim to match our committed high-performance with like-minded entrepreneurs. We’re also honourable, and will go out of our way to do right by you, your customers, and the world. We’re here to win in an ethical way, and want to engage with people who feel just as passionate.

We want to shape brands that make it known it’s its people that’s the strongest asset, rather than its idea.

To see just some of the clients we’ve been working with at 5&Vine, explore our case studies here.


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