Wellness Wednesday: 5 Challenger Brands We’re Watching

At 5&Vine, we’re all in on Challenger Brands. Challenging the status quo. Challenging the norms.


Tapping Into a Challenger Brand Mindset

Every one of us can be a Challenger. To be a Challenger Brand is to care. To not be selfish. To consider how the actions you take as a business impact other people, the environment, and the future. With any decision you make, think: if everyone else did it too, what would happen?

The Challenger Brand mindset used to only be popular among startups. But the size of the company doesn’t matter. We are seeing companies bigger and bigger challenge incumbents, and win, including reinventing their own brands. Direct your focus away from the tunnel vision on the bottom line and consider how every single person has the power to create real change. The Challenger Brand is for those fearlessly changing the status quo and making things better.

Recently, we’ve taken note of a few special brands disrupting the wellness space. Not making products just for the sake of making products, but helping us become healthier versions of ourselves. That’s a challenge we’ll take on. Let’s dive in!

Our Favourite Wellness Wednesday Challenger Brands

Flore Custom Probiotics 

The saying “you are what you eat” happens to be true — did you know that our gut microbiome is linked to our stress and anxiety levels? A balanced gut microbiome has been proven to lead to stronger stress resiliency. Each person has a truly unique microflora, as unique as our fingerprints. Custom probiotics (good microbes) from Flore support our gut health with uniquely tailored products just for your body — this is the main value proposition of this Challenger Brand. Flore probiotics can help reduce bloating, balance energy levels, support immunity, relieve digestive issues, and increase food tolerance!


Lemme Supplements and Vitamins

Launched just last fall, Kourtney Kardashian Barker’s new brand of supplements and vitamins, Lemme, is zeroing in hard on ingredients that are good for us. “Gummies that give you life, literally” don’t contain any irritants like gelatin, sugar alcohols, dairy, or corn syrup. Instead, you can find supportive ingredients like Vitamin B12, organic matcha, lion’s mane, organic MCT oil, and so much more. When Kardashian Barker couldn’t find proper supplements for her health, she created them — this is the kind of inspiration we love to see behind Challenger Brands.


Proxies Non-Alcoholic Wine

We’re all familiar with the communal detox of Dry January where we try to undo the damage of the endless holiday parties of yesteryear. But what about the other months? If your New Year’s Resolution is to drink less, Proxies is the perfect option. Proxies is everything we love about wine — fruit, acidity, spice, body — with 0% alcohol content. It looks stunning in a wine glass so you have something to hold while talking to people and it pairs beautifully with food.


Wondermind Mental Fitness

We know about the wonders of physical fitness and how, unfortunately, it does really work to boost our endorphins and release pent-up emotions. We’ve yet to hear about mental fitness on such a grand scale! After years of struggling with mental health, Selena Gomez, Mandy Teefey, and Daniella Pierson decided to create a Challenger Brand of their own — wondermind. Candid conversations, daily exercises, and easily accessible tools are here to help us heal our minds and connect.


Xicama Sparkling Water

On the topic of drinking less, another one of our favourite Challenger Brands in the space is Xicama. The official Coachella beverage, this elixir features 6g of prebiotic fibre infused into sparkling Jicama Water. This nutrient-dense “Mexican turnip” root vegetable is a favourite of Xicama’s founder Mona Sharma, a dynamic leader and entrepreneur in the wellness space. Offered in a variety of delicious flavours, from Spicy Watermelon to Cucumber Ginger to Coconut Pineapple, just imagine how delightfully this water will sparkle in a pretty glass over ice!


It’s inspiring to see these Challenger Brands enter the highly saturated health and wellness space and succeed — people can truly sense authenticity, sincerity, and a genuine desire to do better and help others. Who are your favourite disruptors for this Wellness Wednesday’s roundup of Challenger Brands?


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