Startup Marketing 101: What Exactly Does a Marketing Agency Do?

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So you’ve launched a brand offering a product or service people need to hear about? Perhaps you want to reposition yourself in the market, or rebrand your identity to better pivot your product? Whatever your marketing challenge, finding a solution is often easier said than done.

This is where a marketing agency or, in our case, a startup marketing agency comes in. By looking at your brand from a balanced but deeply knowledgeable perspective, a startup marketing agency can identify key frictions or pain points, and use them to optimize your business’s strategy so you can better promote and position your products or services.

But how exactly does a startup marketing agency do that?


Competitive Research

Before anything, a startup marketing agency will embark on a process of deep research to not only fully understand the brand they’re dealing with but the market and sector it sits in. Whether that research is gathered from secondary studies and sources or created through original interviews and observations, a startup marketing agency will bring it all together to better inform a brand’s future marketing strategy.


Go-To-Market Strategy

Using this research and their expertise as startup marketers, a strategy can materialize. In order for a marketing effort to be a success this would be split into clearly defined long- and short-term visions that encompass every touchpoint and interaction that brand has.



When the plan’s in place, it’s time to take action. As marketing is such a multi-faceted, multi-channel practice, this action would typically span a number of different areas. These include:


No matter the product or service you’re offering, the way it’s branded is integral to its success. How does it sit within the market landscape? What do people feel when they see it? How does everything around that product or service tie together with everything else? These are the sorts of questions a startup marketing agency will help you navigate.


We are living in the age of content. With the birth of social media everyone became a content creator in their own right, so it takes precision to be able to stand out from the crowd. As a result, both written and visual content needs to be crafted and fused in a way that’s engaging, adaptive and clear in its delivery.


It’s not just about creating written content and leaving it there though. SEO, or search engine optimization, plays an integral part in ensuring that content is being seen by as many people as possible. As part of a startup marketing agency’s strategy, dedicating time to SEO means traffic will increase and content will rank higher in search results.

Social Media

As part of a content strategy, social media should play a huge part. A startup marketing agency will analyze this, and take the lead in creating both organic and paid-for content across a number of relevant channels and touchpoints. How can you brand create content that people actually want to share? Which content, if any, should be boosted with your advertising budget? How is this social media content offering a solution to your marketing challenge?

Email Marketing

Email is an incredibly effective channel when it comes to building a brand. A startup marketing agency understands that, and will create an effective strategy that sits alongside the new visions for your brand and content, and offers readers a memorable incentive in exchange for sharing their personal data.


Alongside boosting content on social media, your strategy might call for a more traditional solution, creating advertisements that sit with different media across different channels. A startup marketing agency can help with that, putting together the written and visual content to maximize impact and conversion.

Public Relations

Sometimes your strategy calls for reaching out to others through a considered PR process. Depending on your approach, this could include influencer outreach, media relation planning or securing press opportunities in publications targeted at people who will align with your message.

At 5&Vine, we’ve seen firsthand the impact the right marketing message can have on brands. We also understand how, particularly in the current climate, your brand has never been so called into question. The above gives you an insight into what startup marketing agencies do overall, but it’s only the start of how we can help.

Whether you’re feeling stuck with your marketing or need some guidance on how to navigate the situation we’re all facing as seamlessly as possible, we’re ready. You can reach out to us here.


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