Introducing a New 5&Vine

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At 5&Vine, we champion the underdog. We use curiosity and courage to help Challenger Brands win. For us it’s a mission that runs in parallel to the tale of David and Goliath where the underdog, with sharp observation and ingenuity, overcomes the impossible.

The name 5&Vine is testament to this thinking. The 5 represents the five smooth stones David chose to beat Goliath, and the vine the material used to construct the slingshot that made them fly.

Our new logo tells that story. It’s bold, and challenges by design. The V represents Vine but also the Roman numeral for 5, centered by the ampersand, severed down the middle to represent the nature of our fractional approach. It’s when the logo is mirrored though, reflecting what’s already there, that the & is reimagined to reveal it completed as a slingshot.

It’s a look we feel aligns with where we want to push our work, and embraces us as innovators moving forward.

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