How 5&Vine Helped Answerable Win with L’Oreal

A milestone achievement for our Challenger Brand client

We’re excited to announce that our Challenger Brand client Answerable has been named one of three winners at the L’Oréal Canada 2021 Open Innovation Program in collaboration with Bonjour Startup Montreal!

The team faced tough competition at each stage, going from thousands of applicants to being a top-10 finalist and ultimately one of three winning startups, as selected by the President & CMO of Canada, the SVP IT Americas, and the Global Head of Innovation.

Answerable, a seed stage startup, will now be developing a proof-of-concept with L’Oreal, accelerating its next stage of growth, and iconic brands under the L’Oreal umbrella will be onboarded to Answerable’s on-demand brand advocacy platform over the coming weeks.

The 5&Vine team has been leading on Answerable’s content and social media strategy, with our founder Rahul Raj as the startup’s fractional CMO. Together we created and executed a launch strategy for Answerable’s two-sided marketplace that’s helping build awareness and encourage retention for both community and brands.

Prior to engaging on content and social, we led the startup’s rebrand, developing Answerable’s new logo and brand identity. With this engagement, we translated their visual identity to social, mobilized the community, and created foundational blog content for investors doing their due diligence. We strategically approached different channel audiences, harnessing blog and LinkedIn content to leverage a B2B audience, and Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for B2C shoppers and potential advocates.

What does shopping with Answerable look like? How does it provide value for shoppers, advocates and brands? These are just some of the questions we set out to answer.

More specifically, we:

  • Connected Answerable posts to relevant themes and national holidays, purposely tagging brands so we can get noticed and start building an engaged following.

  • Shared examples of conversations with friends on the platform so there was clarity for shoppers on what kind of questions are asked and, for advocates, how thoughtful the answers should be.

  • Showed how Answerable isn’t just the platform for answering specific questions but a solution for product discovery.

  • Evolved the brand to show what it looks like on social platforms that are more visual, signalling to the community who Answerable is for and how we can help.

  • Built out a base of foundational SEO content that will help strengthen its rank while providing more information to advocates and brands. This is also helpful for building investor trust as they see updates from the team and can learn more about the company beyond the website itself.

We can’t wait to continue supporting Answerable in this next chapter of growth. The partnership with L’Oreal is also only part of the whole, with Answerable also expanding its partnership with Brand Innovators, which our CMO Rahul Raj is part of, to establish an industry standard for building trust between brands, shoppers, and advocates with Answerable’s MyTrustScore.

To read more about the work we’ve done with Answerable so far, check out our Case Study.


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