Everything You Need to Know About the Challenger Brand

The 5&Vine team is excited to announce the launch of The Challenger Brand.

We set out to create a badge for the fearless leaders that embrace the responsibility to ask tough questions, and take action to create a better, more equitable world. We’re for people who believe in their potential to challenge the status quo.

“Challengers inspire us to see the world as it is and as it should be,” says Rahul Raj, founder of 5&Vine. “And we wanted to find a way to celebrate them in style. So we created The Challenger Brand to honour, inspire and encourage socially minded challengers to better the world.”


The Challenger Brand is a quarterly clothing drop where we partner with different creatives to design a limited-release Kotn t-shirt.

Every piece purchased from The Challenger Brand makes a difference. 100% of the profits go towards The Challenger Fund, a no-strings attached grant awarded to a Challenger that we believe is making extraordinary strides to build a better world.

Whether it’s championing sustainability or levelling the playing field when it comes to diversity and inclusion, The Challenger Fund gives back to people that embody Challenger thinking and drive the world needs.

Over the course of the drop, we will be featuring the stories of real Challengers in our community who’re making a positive impact.

The first drop is designed by our in-house designer Ana Calvache. It’s meant to build awareness of “Challenger Thinking” – asking why and challenging the status quo to build a better, more equitable world. Being a Challenger isn’t just for tech startups – across all industries there’s opportunity to challenge norms.

“Staying comfortable is easy. Having the courage to challenge norms isn’t,” continues Ana Calvache, designer at The Challenger Brand. “This brand has been designed for Challengers that embody boldness and celebrate those brave enough to leave their comfort zone. It’s straight-forward, urban, and accessible. I’ve approached the current look of the brand as a foundation, which we hope becomes a movement and community of creatives that challenge norms for the better. The only way we’ll change the world is by working together.”

You’ll notice the design of each drop is founded on one key element: the number 5. At The Challenger Brand, we believe we are the average of the five people we spent the most time with. Life’s short. Choose your company wisely, and elevate their stories as you would your own.

The Challenger Brand is led by a team of Challengers, with a passion for making the world a better place, and a track record of helping elevate brands with purpose.

Pre-orders for The Challenger Brand are available now. The first t-shirt drops today, October 25th and ships mid-November.

You can visit and shop The Challenger Brand here.


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