Announcing the First Winner of 5&Vine’s Challenger Fund

Towards the end of last year, we announced the launch of The Challenger Brand, a quarterly clothing drop where we partner with different creatives to design a limited-release t-shirt.

All the profits from that shirt go towards the Challenger Fund, a no-strings attached grant awarded to a Challenger making our planet a better place.

Today, we’re excited to announce that the recipient of our first grant will be Adil Dhalla of Reset!

Reset is a social enterprise creating a world where adults are free to play. Though it started its journey in 2015 as digital detox summer program Camp Reset, it was during the pandemic that Dhalla understood the necessity for it as a more permanent solution.

As he says on his website:

“As the isolation wore me down and my mental health began to suffer, I began thinking more and more about Reset. I wondered what role an organization centered on connection had at a time of mass disconnection. I thought a lot about how our experiences with isolation, loneliness and polarization were considered an epidemic pre-pandemic and how, during the pandemic, it felt as if I was dying from disconnection.”

After leaving his job to pursue Reset full-time, he launched the Pop-Up Playground in 2021, an initiative that hosted dance, mindfulness, and more in public spaces across Toronto. This year, propelled by Pop-Up’s success, Reset is piloting its Reset Retreat Centre, which seeks to support social recovery after COVID-19.

For more about our Challenger Fund, click here. For more about Reset, click here.



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