5&Vine Challengers Make Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies

Inc. unveiled the 5000 fastest-growing private companies in America for 2021.

The Inc. 5000 list is much anticipated, outlining the companies to keep an eye on for the coming year. As well as naming the brand itself, it states the industry it serves, and percentage of growth.

This year, two of 5&Vine’s clients made the cut; Greenlight and Trove Recommerce. Both are innovative in their own right, and we felt it was the perfect opportunity to introduce them and their mission as Challengers.


Coming in at 30 on the list with 9,538% annual growth, Greenlight is on a mission to help parents raise financially smart kids. By offering young people their own debit card and app, they have the opportunity to understand savings, investments and budgeting as it happens in the real-world.

At the same time, parents are given an array of flexible controls, safety measures, and notification settings so they know their kids are safe and secure.

When it came to engaging with 5&Vine, our team helped them drive customer growth so it could close a Series A led by Amazon. We developed a Challenger strategy that was as appealing to parents as it was inspirational to kids so they could better position the brand for a win.

We did this in a number of ways, including establishing the brand’s credibility with press and influencers, targeting use cases where kids are independent, building awareness and acquisition efforts in key cities, and nurturing advocacy and referral incentives among existing customers.

You can read more about how we helped Greenlight here.

Trove Recommerce 

Trove Recommerce comes in at number 268 on the list with 1,744% annual growth, and is on a mission to encourage circular shopping. It works by working with leading retailers like Levi’s, Patagonia and lululemon to take control of the resale marketplace and deepen customer loyalty while saving the planet.

What makes Trove’s rise to success so rewarding to see is, as this piece in Inc. summarizes, the struggle it emerged from. Originally called Yerdle, Andy Ruben, Trove’s CEO, believed it could be better but couldn’t get the rest of the company on board.

Through the next months his company dropped from 60 employees to five, acquisitions fell through, and he considered stepping down as CEO. But he dug his heels in, stuck to his beliefs and pivoted to become the platform it is today. A platform on track to double its revenue this year, with over 300 employees.

A huge congratulations to both Greenlight and Trove for the milestone win. To check out the Inc. list in full, click here.


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