Helping everyone find the perfect wine for their meal and budget.


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WineView is an app that uses AI to narrow down extensive restaurant wine lists so users can make informed pairing decisions. We were engaged to develop a new tagline that succinctly captures the value the brand delivers, and evolve it to something with a deeper connection to restaurant diners. 


WineView was created to help staff at restaurants without a trained sommelier, pair the right wines with the right meals at restaurants. As a result they viewed restaurants as their primary customer.

Through our research of related apps and the wine industry at large, we quickly realized it was a world shrouded in status and intimidating exclusivity. Instead of leaning into that, we understood our point of difference was to counter the stereotype, and empower users to feel authentically confident as they learn to trust their own tastes and discover wine in a liberating way.

By changing how WineView speaks, looks, and acts, we aimed to put WineView’s users in control of their own experiences, and welcome them into a process of lifelong learning. 


We helped craft a new positioning, ‘wine and food pairings that elevate every meal’, to help servers and individuals take the mystery and stuffiness out of wine, and embark on a discovery process.

As part of that, we evolved the WineView logo, switching the harsh pink for a more romantic, grounded colour palette, removing the martini glass but keeping the playfulness of the “V” to represent the wine glass.

We also created new brand guidelines for the team to use across their website and app and helped identify an opportunity for individuals to create a personal cellar, to help them pair at home and encourage app usage outside of the restaurant.