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Empowering gas pipeline operators to reliably predict system risk using defensible and highly predictive risk models and software.


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JANA is a Challenger aiming to make ‘system risk’ predictable, approachable and more easily managed for oil and gas pipeline operators. 


Our content audit revealed a number of core issues with JANA’s strategy. It had relied on dense white papers rather than compelling, casual storytelling to introduce people to its ideas. 

With JANA, we had an opportunity to build awareness through market education, and authority with SEO-friendly content, to help frame JANA as ‘not just for compliance, but better decision making’. 

We helped JANA evolve their story and content in a more approachable way, and structured it to emerge organically in search, and translated it to digestible morsels that could be shared on social media.

We focused our efforts on the awareness stage of the funnel, as JANA’s core audience ‘doesn’t like to be sold to’, evolved JANA’s ‘Jobs to be done’, and delivered a weekly editorial blog calendar. 



By leveraging powerful storytelling and turning complex concepts into captivating stories, we helped JANA make their proprietary software more approachable.

We shared client stories and ensured they were the heroes of the story, not the software, and created graphics to illustrate those stories in blogs and on social media. 


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