Insights from Award-Winning Websites

We are honoured to announce that 5&Vine has been awarded two Platinum and one Gold Awards in the Website Category at the 2023 MarCom Awards. 

Instant Financial – Platinum 🏆

5&Vine – Platinum 🏆

Pura US – Gold 🏆

We are taking this as an opportunity for reflection on the critical insights that propelled these website projects. Dive in below!

Insights from Award-Winning Websites

1. Powerful work is grounded in empathy.

Instant Financial was founded on the principle that access to wages should be a right, not a privilege, and wanted to challenge the antiquated, traditional pay cycle.

The Instant Financial website was grounded in empathy, focusing on understanding our end customers’ relationship with money and the impact it had on their employment. We realized that the financial stress individuals experienced often hindered their work performance, and was something Instant could solve. 

Working with Instant we authored and built a new website that led with the empathetic and insightful message to employers: ‘Financially Stressed Employees Can’t Give You Their 100%’.

Through the new website we demonstrated the business case for earned wage access and brought the Instant Financial brand to life.

Learn more about our work with Instant Financial.


2. Meet customers where they are.

We led the US launch of Pura, the leading UK eco-friendly baby brand, including collaborating to create a US version of their website.

Pura’s UK core positioning was heavily focused on sustainability, however our market research showed that American parents cared more about skin-safety than sustainability – hard truth, but #facts.

So, while still honouring the brand ethos, we positioned sustainability as a gift with purchase, and focused on what consumers needed the most: safety and affordability. It’s not always easy to articulate hard truths, but it pays off in the long-term, trust us on this one.

The website was designed from the outset to be both conversion and SEO optimized to meet customers where they are. The new US website was also focused on supporting their Walmart focused US launch, driving traffic to generate both in-store and online sales at Walmart.

Learn more about our work with Pura.


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    3. Audit your brand before you build your website.

    5&Vine started by serving startups and scaleups with a Fractional CMO model. Over time, our team felt strongly that we could deliver more and better outcomes for our clients by managing growth efforts from start to finish – from Challenger Strategy, to visual brand identity creation, to holistic marketing campaigns. 

    We undertook a deep brand audit, exploring our current: website, social media presence, and feedback from clients which revealed that our positioning was indeed constraining our impact. 

    Our next step was to craft new brand positioning which served as the foundation for the website redesign, drastically impacting the sitemap, content, and navigation. If we had undergone the website redesign prior to our brand audit, there would have been a lot of reworking to do!

    Key takeaway: ensure your positioning is solid, prior to investing in a new website. 

    Learn more about our work on our own 5&Vine website.


    About the MarCom Awards

    MarCom Awards is an international creative competition that recognizes outstanding achievement by marketing and communication professionals. Entries come from corporate marketing and communication departments, advertising agencies, public relations firms, design shops, production companies, and freelancers.

    MarCom Awards is administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals. The international organization consists of several thousand creative professionals. The Association oversees awards and recognition programs, provides judges, and sets standards for excellence.


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