Happy gut, happy you. Welcome to the world of delicious gut-boosting elixirs.

Our Impact

  • Manifesto
  • Value Proposition
  • Coachella Launch


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Xicama engaged 5&Vine as their Fractional CMO to help define their value proposition, brand strategy, manifesto, packaging, and social presence in preparation for their brand launch at Coachella.


Xicama created a line of delicious functional beverages that delivered the gut and immune boosting benefits of Jicama. Our challenge was to share their story with the world by defining their brand, developing a compelling narrative, and identifying their ideal target market.


We evaluated the customer adoption curves of other functional beverages – like Kombucha and Kefir – and the playbooks of the leading brands, to craft a Challenger strategy for Xicama. We also invested in understanding the personal credentials, journey, and philosophy of the founder, alongside the humble origins of Jicama, in order to connect them both with the brand.


We authored a beautiful manifesto for the brand that is on each and every can, and a provocative brand promise – Feel it in your Gut. This connects the product’s core ‘gut’ health benefit with the unpretentious, unfiltered, and authentic roots of jicama with the millennial target audience that seeks out unrestrained authentic moments, real connections and immersive, unfiltered happiness that you can feel in your ‘gut’. 

We developed a visual direction that propelled the brand launch at Coachella, and led their real-time social media presence leading up to and at the festival. The aesthetic captured at Coachella has influenced the foundation of their current social, website, blog and packaging aesthetic – communicating the Mexican tradition and California lifestyle that’s core to their brand identity.