Why Your Challenger Brand Needs a Fractional CMO and Agency

A Fractional CMO Helps Challenger Brands Win

Thousands of new startups launch each year, yet only a small fraction of them are able to challenge incumbents and win significant market share. The ones that have reached unmatched success, from Away to Zwift, consistently share one commonality: from the earliest stages of growth, the founders prioritized strategic marketing leadership.

Developing your marketing strategy isn’t easy and often requires the hiring of an expensive team that will take time to gel. When resources are tight, and time is of the essence, engaging a fractional CMO and strategic marketing agency that has successfully delivered growth for a variety of startups can be an efficient solution to accelerating growth.

Here’s a few reasons to consider hiring 5&Vine as your fractional CMO and strategic marketing team.

Why your challenger brand will benefit from 5&Vine’s Fractional CMO and startup marketing team services:

You need direction and strategy

Your startup needs a clear strategic direction that will guide the entire team towards the next milestone, whether it’s attracting investor interest, securing your next round of funding, or bringing a new product to market.

At 5&Vine, we help teams uncover meaningful competitor insights and industry trends that give them unfair advantages to win. At the core of our work, we understand that you’re not going to win by executing the same strategies as your competitors. More often than not, they can outspend you. We help you outsmart them instead.

The weaknesses and opportunities that we uncover become the foundation of your marketing strategy. With our approach, we ensure that the entire team is on a course where everyone’s efforts are being channeled most effectively to get you to your next goal.

You need to grow your marketing team

Sometimes as a founder, you’ve been focusing so intensely on building your core product that you haven’t yet put in the time to hire a marketing team. Other times, one of your key marketing leaders has left, or was let go. In both of these cases, the 5&Vine team is able to step in and make sure that you don’t miss a beat.

We’ve worked with dozens of startups to build out their full-time marketing teams, vetting candidates and making sure they’re the right fit for your goals and culture. In the short-term, our in-house team is able to step in where we’re needed the most so that you’re still hitting your targets and moving forward.

We understand what it is like to be part of a startup because we’ve all done it. We have experience delivering measurable results with limited resources. Often, we prefer this kind of challenge that pushes us to work most creatively. We immerse ourselves in your company culture and become part of the team – for as long as you need.

You need the experience without the price tag

Most startups don’t have the budget to hire a full team of top notch marketers. They often get by with a junior growth lead and marketing support team. Hiring more experienced leaders is tricky. Invest in a seasoned full-time chief marketing officer too early and you accelerate your burn too quickly; too late, and momentum is halted.

With 5&Vine’s fractional CMO services, you can scale your company without wasting time and money. You choose how you want to engage with us. We’re here to offer executive guidance at the level of engagement that you need. In our experience, we don’t win with the typical agency model of getting the highest possible retainer and just barely delivering on the work. We’re here for the thrill of genuinely impacting your startup to boost it further, at a level of engagement that makes sense for you. And we believe that in doing so, we’ll continue to work with more and more fast-growing startups.

You need measurable results to scale up quickly

When things go well, they can do so in a blink of an eye. With 5&Vine, you’re able to hit the next milestone more efficiently. We take accountability for delivering results and use metrics to power our decisions. Never complacent, we dive into projects to deliver meaningful impact as efficiently as possible.

Not only do we build the overall marketing and growth strategy, we then roll up our sleeves and make it come to life. After all, an idea is only as good as its marketing execution.

Closing thoughts

Hiring 5&Vine as your fractional CMO is akin to engaging the special forces – we are trained to take on all of your strategic marketing responsibilities as a part-time or long-term addition to the team in a way that makes the most sense for you. Our expert team brings clarity and focus to your brand strategy, and the experience and commitment to execute with excellence.

Simply put, we’re the marketing resources you wish that you had in-house, but don’t.

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