What Challenger Brands Can Do About Online Hate Speech

This post originally appeared in Rolling Stone.

While big tech figures out how to efficiently curb online hate speech and Bodyguard.ai builds its promising solution for scale, agencies must protect their clients. 

In the rapidly evolving landscape of AI technology and its impact on the digital world, marketing agencies face new challenges in protecting their clients from online hate speech and harmful content.

One challenger brand is leading the charge ahead of ambiguous legislation and puzzling social media platform policies: Bodyguard.ai.

I first heard about Bodyguard.ai through its partnership with the French Open tournament (I have no affiliation with them). This year, the organization offered its athletes a content moderation tool to help stop hateful comments from reaching their social media feeds. Using AI technology, the company’s CEO boasted a 90% success rate at identifying and blocking toxic content targeting social platforms in real time in an interview with Tech Crunch.

Unlike its competitors that simply filter words or phrases that could be considered toxic, Bodyguard.ai’s technology contextualizes online content depending on who it is for and how harmful it is in real time.


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