How Hiring a Startup Marketing Agency Can Transform Your Brand

Want scalable growth for your startup? Here’s how an agency can help.

There’s no doubt navigating the marketing world comes with its challenges. Particularly as a startup there are a number of points to consider and questions to discuss, whether they’re about content output, paid ad campaigns, SEO, or just keeping to a strict budget.

There’s also no denying the unavoidable importance of marketing to your business. According to a 2019 study by SEMrush, 78% of companies now have a dedicated team of one to three content specialists and HubSpot found that 24% of marketers plan on increasing their investment in content marketing through 2020.

With all of this to worry about, it’s often beneficial to consider bringing in an outside perspective. While it can be easy to instantly opt for the bigger marketing agencies with countless clients, you’re likely to find more insightful, driven results from working with a startup marketing agency.

Here’s why:

Challengers Understand Challengers 

When it comes to analyzing your brand, its position in the market, and when you start crafting campaigns, it’s integral the marketing agency you’re working with understands the narrative from your perspective. A startup marketing agency doesn’t just bring the expertise needed to push your brand where it needs to be, but understand the hurdles that come with being a startup next to industry incumbents and how you can pivot your offering to overcome them. That understanding runs deeper still, with insight into budgets and offering value beyond monetary bottom lines.

Marketing Agencies Lend A New Perspective

An in-house team comes with inherent (if unintentional) bias. Though this can be true with any agency you bring on board, an outside perspective side steps that bias to dig into what your business truly needs. In our experience as a startup marketing agency, that new perspective is doubled down. We enjoy the process of respectfully asking difficult questions, and working with the answers to create something amazing.

Agencies Give Your Startup The Results You Need, Quick

An important part of marketing is testing different scenarios. While it’s great when a campaign runs well there are times the focus needs to shift, and the output needs to be changed reactively. With a startup marketing agency comes a small team and, with that, more agility and flexibility to change. Both you and the agency you’re working with can identify what needs to shift in real-time, and put it into practice almost instantly.

A Working Relationship That Works 

When you bring anyone new into your business, the chemistry has to be there. You want to leave this component of your growth strategy in the hands of people you can trust, but feel comfortable in questioning their methods as they would question yours. With a startup marketing agency, you’ll meet the people who will be working on your brand – be it on visual branding, SEO, or something else – and get to collaborate with them in a way you might not with a bigger firm.

But Check Their Track Record 

With all the above in mind, it’s still important to check the startup marketing agency you want to work with has a proven track record, or case studies they can show you to back up their claims. Aside from just highlighting different brands they might have worked with, ask for the results. What was the outcome after the collaboration ended, and exactly how much revenue was driven to the brand through social media?

At 5&Vine, we back the underdog. We’ve seen firsthand the impact the right marketing message can have on brands, and craft go-to-market strategies that help Challengers win.

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