5&Vine x Haute Hijab: Why We Engage with Brave Clients

5&Vine Partners with Challenger Brand Haute Hijab to launch their Can’t Ban Us Campaign

The introduction of COVID-19 has presented an opportunity for us to reassess the way we live our lives, ethically, morally, mentally, physically. With the world united in a common fight for health and survival, it has clarified the intolerable injustices that attempt to divide us. At 5&Vine, we believe love is more powerful than hate, community more impactful than the individual, and we’ve sought out brave clients that embody that ethos to partner with.

One such brave client is Haute Hijab, who we collaborated with to launch their Can’t Ban Us campaign. It shines a light on the prejudice that has held Muslim women back in sport, and highlights the determination that has enabled them to overcome. The campaign coincides with the release of their high-performance athletic hijab collection, Haute Hijab Sport.

Can’t Ban Us is the reason we do what we do. It features athletes like Noor Alexandria Abukaram, a cross-country runner disqualified for wearing a hijab, and Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir, a woman banned from playing basketball in the WNBA for the same reason. It’s a campaign that speaks to those professional athletes but also the wider community of strong, determined Muslim women banned from wearing hijabs in sports or overlooked as a group who are not athletic.

Can’t Ban Us is founded on the belief of standing up for a better tomorrow, amplifying the voices who’ve had to endure sacrifice and struggle, and looking prejudice straight in the face.

It’s a movement that matters, and we love it.

With any effective marketing campaign, having a strong product to underpin it is integral, and Haute Hijab has achieved that. Like its approach to marketing, the Hijab Sport goes beyond other ‘one-size-fits-all’ approaches previously on the market. This is a product that’s breathable, flexible, and designed with textiles meticulously selected for high-intensity workouts. The products come in two sizes, four styles, and three different colours; a direct response to genuine cultural insight around how women move and want to feel when wearing them.

This collaboration also had us discuss why this campaign was necessary now more than ever. Alongside calls around the world for greater inclusivity and acceptance, there’s something to be said for the clarity of prejudice while the world is united in fighting a global pandemic.

This project reconfirmed why we love working with brave clients. We believe that Challenger Brands are born from discomfort, and we thrive on harnessing that to blur the lines between profit and purpose. Haute Hijab shares that belief and has launched a message that’s bold and clear:

There is no room for prejudice. Don’t try to hold us back. You Can’t Ban Us.

You can explore the entire Haute Hijab Sport collection on their website.


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