A Moment for Reflection on International Women’s Day

5&Vine CMO Rahul’s Thoughts On International Women’s Day

March 8 is International Women’s Day. A global day to recognize and celebrate the phenomenal achievements of women both past and present.

When I first considered what I wanted to share on a day like this, I considered bringing together excellent businesses run by women or some of the standout women I’ve had the pleasure of working with in my career. For both categories, there are many. But today, I want to give thanks and celebrate some of the women a bit closer to home.

I’m blessed to come from a family of extraordinary women. Women with a strong moral compass, a deep sense of compassion, intellectual horsepower and the drive to leverage their talents to help others. Among them, there are three I had the closest relationships with. My grandmother, my mother, and my wife.

My grandmother. A fierce and powerful force weighing in at under 90lbs and 4’10” in height. From an early age, she ingrained in me the responsibility to give daily, not just when it was convenient. Despite her humble economics, she practiced this every day, wrapping a handful of coins in the top of her sari and offering them to people in need on her morning walk to the temple. It was her influence and impact that made me understand the responsibility we have to give back.

My mother. The most compassionate and giving human being I’ve ever met. She taught me the importance of caring. As an amazing listener that always has time to support her friends, ensuring they feel heard and seen, she’s a community builder by nature and enables others to see that we are better and stronger together.

My wife. A heart-first feminist. She has taught me how to balance my head-first thinking with my heart. To not always defer to a solution’s orientation, but be emotionally present and sit with discomfort. It’s her who helped me see and acknowledge my privilege and for that I’m thankful.

However you, your brand or your communities celebrate International Women’s Day today, I hope you too are lucky enough to have women in your life who are smart, brave, deeply caring, and who you celebrate every day.


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