5&Vine’s Top Go-To-Market Resources for Challenger Brands

5&Vine Founder Rahul Raj Leads Go-To-Market Strategy Workshop at Startupfest

This past July, 5&Vine founder and fractional CMO Rahul Raj led a Go-To-Market Strategies for Startups workshop at Startupfest in Montreal. Now, you can watch the entire workshop! Rahul shares proven insights and in-depth recommendations to help give startups strategic advantages over industry incumbents.

Specifically, the workshop covers:

  • How to develop a plan that clarifies the problem that your customers are hiring your product to solve – Value Proposition

  • Who you are selling to – Target Customer

  • Where you plan to reach those prospects – Channel Strategy

  • And how – Sales, Messaging, Promotion


Want to learn more? Here’s the list of competitive research tools and resources referenced in the presentation:

Competitive Research Tools for Challenger Brands

  • Alexa – Identify customer targets.
    Alexa, which is owned by Amazon, ranks websites based on traffic volume. It provides deep analytics of bounce rate, daily pageviews per visitor, time spent on site, demographics, etc.

  • MOAT – Understand competitor ads.
    MOAT is a fast way to see the creative of all your competitors’ display ads, all at once. Just enter the brand name and click search.

  • Claritas – Determine target demographics.
    Claritas allows you to analyze markets based on geo-demographic segments and identify target consumer groups for your product.

  • SEMrush – Determine target psychographics.
    With SEMrush you can view the backlinks of competitor brands to see the websites and blogs that drive traffic to them. From there, you can better understand the attitudes and behaviours of people that read those sites, which are prospective customers of your competitors.

  • Facebook Audience Insights – Build out potential audiences.
    Facebook Audience Insights allows you to create an advertising audience targeting your potential customers. You can add geographic, age and gender filters. It will then give you insights on demographics and behaviours for your potential customers. You can then refine further to your core target and use it later – when you’re ready – for Facebook ads leading to your website.

Helpful Go-To-Market Resources

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