5 From the Vine: Cold Pop-Ups, Recyclable Boats, and Vegan Baking

Challenger Brand Moves Spotted by the 5&Vine Team this January 2022

From boats made of wool to Fashion Nova’s million-dollar settlement, these are the best Challengers and key learnings the team spotted and shared in 5&Vine’s #ChallengersInTheWild Slack channel this January.

1. The North Face’s Extreme Pop-Up

Branded “the coldest pop-up”, The North Face set up the store stocking pieces from its latest collection in the Changbai Mountains. Reachable by only the most seasoned explorers and skiers, it’s a smart way to double down on encouraging its mission of exploration.

2. Fashion Nova’s Review Settlement

Fast-fashion brand Fashion Nova is paying over $4m to the American Federal Trade Commission after it was found the brand was suppressing reviews that were less than five stars. It’s a firm lesson for brands on transparency and the importance of being honest when it comes to reviews.

3. Shear Edge’s Recyclable Boat

With a huge impact when it comes to the environment and the sheep farming industry, New Zealand based Shear Edge adds processed wool to polymers to create a material that’s durable and better for the planet. As well as making boats, the company has the potential to recreate anything currently made of plastic.

4. Gin Gins’ Ginger People

Ginger’s one of those ingredients. Some people love it, some people hate it. This month we noticed The Ginger People, which was named Best Product Line for its use of the plant, puts ‘made exclusively for The Ginger People’ on the back of its products, acting as a neat callout that builds a community. Discover their brand story.

5. Vision Food Innovations’ Vegan Baking

Founded by a lifelong vegetarian, Vision Food Innovations is dedicated to coming up with plant-based baking innovations that are as good for people as they are for the planet. Its hero brand Nature’s Flair creates muffins from superfoods like turmeric, fava, and maple bean flours.


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