5 From the Vine: Inclusive Campaigns To Metaverse Fashion

Challenger Brand Moves Spotted by the 5&Vine Team this February 2022

Continuing our series of sharing the brands and campaigns that have caught our attention, these are the best Challengers and key learnings the team spotted and shared in 5&Vine’s #ChallengersInTheWild Slack channel this month.

1. Adidas’ Inclusive Sports Bra Campaign

To mark the launch of its new sports bra collection, Adidas tweeted a photo grid of 25 topless women in a bold celebration of diversity and inclusivity. The collection features 43 new styles available in over 70 sizes, catering to more body types than before.

2. The Metaverse’s Democratization of Fashion

In March, Decentraland will host its first Metaverse Fashion Week. Featuring numerous brands, virtual parties and showrooms, Vogue reports it will offer brands the chance to experiment with tech in a digital environment and guests the chance to experience fashion week without traditional gatekeeping.

3. Ganni’s Bid To Inset Instead Of Offset

In the hopes of changing how it tackles emissions, Copenhagen-based Ganni is switching offsetting to insetting. Where offsetting means paying for something like tree planting to offset production use, insetting goes to the root of the problem within a company’s supply chain.

4. Fantuan’s Growing Popularity

Launched as a Canadian-based, Asian-invested meal-ordering service that focuses on the Chinese community, Fantuan is an app challenging Uber with its niche understanding and approach to a specific audience. To date, it delivers food from more than 20,000 restaurants. Of those, 85% are Asian cuisine.

5. Highsnobiety’s Collaboration With Francis Bourgeois

Looking to capitalize on the TikTok virality of Francis Bourgeois and his wholesome trainspotting videos, Highsnobiety put the influencer in a campaign with The North Face and Gucci in a notable example of influencer marketing done right.


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