Rahul takes on the role of fractional CMO with 5&Vine clients: from articulating strategy and framing narratives, to hiring and mentoring the marketing team, Rahul firmly embeds himself and manages client budgets and resources as if they were his own.


Prior to starting 5&Vine, Rahul helped transform ecobee from relative obscurity to the #2 thermostat brand in North America with a 30% market share and +$100M in sales.


Prior to that, he was an intrapreneur at Walmart.com where he conceived of, and developed, a refurbishing infrastructure for US Stores that helped turned costly customer returns into a lucrative revenue stream. For these efforts, he was honoured with Walmart's Innovation Champion Award, a fellowship with the Aspen Institute and by GOOD magazine as 1 of 100 people pushing the world forward.



Addison develops content, community and social media strategies to help 5&Vine clients build meaningful connections with their customers. Her goal is to anticipate the questions that their prospective customers will have and proactively deliver thoughtful answers – shared on the right platforms, with the right brand messaging, at the right time.

Prior to joining 5&Vine, Addison created and executed content strategies for her own startup clients at AMG Communications. Before that, she launched a worldwide community engagement strategy at the health & fitness startup PumpUp. She previously built a wellness community from scratch, where she was fully immersed in brand development, content direction, and influencer partnerships. Addison began her career in the fashion & beauty industry, where being exposed to the hyper-detailed brand strategies of top fashion houses sparked her interest in understanding what it takes to build unforgettable relationships with customers.